Claiming our stake

Our little piece of heaven

We drove right over to meet with Linda, the garden manager. She gave us a tour of the available spots, and we quickly chose a long rectangular plot towards the back, near the honeybee hives. Eeya was very excited about this, exclaiming, “Bees! That’s great! They’ll spread the pollen in our garden!”. This made me happy, as I was afraid that our citified child might be running from every honeybee that buzzed by (as I always have 🙂 I’m suppressing the instinct now, as an example, of course). You can see on the lower left corner, that we inherited a thriving bunch of chives, as well as some delicious rhubarb, which seems to be already pick-able!  The back is filled with raspberries, which we’ll be removing, as it seems they are not thriving, and we’re more interested in tomatoes. We were granted the key to the tool shed. I felt like I was getting the key to the gold treasury. That’s how excited we are about our vegetable garden.


~ by Shelli on April 15, 2010.

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