A little visit turns into an adventure

Running after mama

Today we decided to just visit the garden, and plan the next step. Eeya is on school break, so we couldn’t think of a better way to burn up the morning heeby-jeebies (well, really the all day heeby-jeebies, with 5 year old Eeya ;)) Once we were there, we ran into Lila, the gardener next to us. We were impressed by the fact that she’s had her plot for 15 years, and decided to learn from her experience. Her 7 1/2 foot tall fence made us curious, and we learned that deer and “an extremely agile woodchuck” (in Lila’s words) inhabit the surroundings. That made the next step crystal clear! Before we plant anything, we have to build a fence. As they say, “Good fences make good neighbors” – I never considered it in relation to gardens and critters. Well, our little visit turned into digging a huge hole (Eeya), removing a section of tree stump that was (thankfully), just the top of a stump serving as some sort of old garden chair (mommy) and raking up a bunch of old wood and brambles, and dumping them into the compost heaps (mama – Eeya’s grandma). So much for just a little visit.


~ by Shelli on April 16, 2010.

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