Papa gets into the game

Papa measures the perimeter

Papa’s been hearing so much about the garden, that he decided to come and check it out for himself.  He took some time to measure out the perimeter with his steps, to estimate how much netting we’d need for the deer fence.  In the meantime, mommy, Eeya, and mama did some more raking and digging.  Diane, one of the other gardeners showed up, and we learned that we had to dig our fence at least 1 foot into the ground, and angle it out, so any digging critters would encounter it and (hopefully) give up.  Wow – a foot deep!  That sounds like a lot of work to me…but I’ll give it a try.  She also showed us that we need to watch out for what she calls “snake grass” – a pernicious underground root that attempts to take over the garden.  She walked right over to our plot and plunged the pitchfork into the ground, immediately coming up with a long skinny root, which she showed us how to pull out.  Apparently, it’s an enemy that we’ll continually battle in this garden.


~ by Shelli on April 17, 2010.

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