Build your house of bricks

Mission accomplished

We joined the rest of the community garden volunteers on Saturday to officially open the garden.  Mama, mommy, papi and Eeya joined hordes of volunteers to up-end piles of compost, spread wheelbarrows full of wood chips around the perimeter, and work on our own plots.  We met some of the other gardeners, who were busy either cleaning up already established plots, or installing a fence similar to ours.  With papi’s help we continued digging our trench for the fence.  Truly my knight in shining armor, or at least with shining shovel.  He put me to shame by completing the entire trench around the remainder of the garden in one hour.  With that done, mama and I installed the chicken wire, angled it out, and began filling the trench once again.  Papi was able to enlist Eeya to eject unwanted scraps of wood and rocks from the garden.  I guess throwing heavy objects is more enticing than the activities I had attempted to engage him in up to now – though he did join in this time to fill the trench for the fence.  Wow – the first step is finished!


~ by Shelli on April 24, 2010.

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