A day of rest

Tomatillo de Milpa

Well, it’s been a week of deep sleep!  Gardening really works those little-known-muscles-that-I-never-knew-existed, and the entire family has benefited.  Last night, I put Eeya to bed, snuggled for a while as he told me stories, and then was gone to the world until his papi showed up to gather me at 10:30 pm.  I had fallen deeply asleep in Eeya’s bunk bed, dreaming of homegrown tomatoes.  Today we all took a break, but have plans to complete our deer fencing tomorrow, in between bouts of rain that are expected. I did take some time though, to check out Johnny’s Selected seed catalogue, and order seeds for tomatillos – a special type of tiny green tomato from Mexico that is used to make a tangy green sauce of which I’m extremely fond.  I asked Eeya what he’d like to grown, and he said “cherries – I’d like to plant a maraschino cherry tree”.  Hmmm….I told him we weren’t allowed to have trees, but that we could plant a special cherry tomato plant just for him.  He also wanted sunflowers – thankfully, those will be possible!


~ by Shelli on April 25, 2010.

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