Gotta love New England weather forecasts

Our inherited rhubarb plant

The rain held off for today.  I love that New England weather forecasters are almost always wrong!  We were able to put in our 7-foot stakes for the deer netting.  Hard to believe that deer can jump that high (Mommy, can deer really jump over this fence?), but apparently they can.  The netting is so fine, that you wonder that it could stop such a large animal, but as the young man at the garden store told me, the moment something touches their nose, they stop.  The rhubarb has survived all of our digging and earth moving activities, and I also discovered a horseradish plant (after I pulled it up thinking it was a weed).  Waiting for my seeds from Johnny’s…had a hard time not ordering everything.  We’re trying to keep it simple this first year, but the seeds look like so much fun!  Eeya was totally into hammering the stakes into the ground.  No complaints from him today when we said we were off to the garden 😉 We spotted a beautiful male cardinal, several chickadees, and some sort of tiny, delicate looking brown bird that I have yet to identify.  Pure bliss.


~ by Shelli on April 26, 2010.

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