Planting a Few Seeds

Planting our seeds

So while we complete our anti-woodchuck, anti-deer enclosure around the garden, we have begun to go about the business of planting some seeds.  I know I said we’d keep it simple, but of course we haven’t.  We’ve planted 3 types of pole beans, okra, sunflowers, several different types of other flowers, carrots, beets, radishes, tomatillos, arugula, lettuce, sorrel….hmmmm, shall I go on?  We’re trying several different methods with our seedlings.  One tray has a little heating mat under it, which is supposed to be a tried and true method of keeping the temperature of the earth around 75 degrees, which helps the seedlings get started, and grow strong. The other trays we’ve set in a small shelf at the top of a staircase, which seems to stay quite warm once spring gets started.  Once the seedling are out, in about a month, we’ll begin to set them out a few hours a day to harden them, and then transplant them into the garden.  A few things like carrots, beets, and lettuce, we’ll try planting directly into the soil.  So scientific we are!  Now just to keep track of it all.  Eeya will have his own tray of sunflowers to manage -so far he’s ambivalent, but I think once the seedling appears, he’ll be more excited.


~ by Shelli on May 5, 2010.

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