“Leggy” is Only Good When You’re Talking About a Woman

6 days old

You know, I always had a positive feeling about the word “leggy”.  In my book, it fell into the category of “having long and attractive legs”.  Well, I can tell you, I’m a bit worried about my babies.  My seedlings, I mean.  I planted them, they started to slowly poke out of the dirt in about 2 days…then we were away for the weekend, and blam! – I came back to monsters that had pushed the lid off their little hothouse!  Now keep in mind, those are the pole beans.  To all you gardeners out there, are pole beans especially aggressive in their growth?  ‘Cause everything else is still, teensy, and cute and cuddly, but the pole beans, man – they’re like godzilla pole beans.  I hope that means they’ll be strong and prolific.  I made sure that they’re now getting some direct sun, to avoid more “legginess”, but to tell you the truth, I’m not even certain at which point you would qualify certain plants as “leggy”.  They’re still standing, and not just flopping about, so I think I’m still in safe territory.  Eeya was amazed that they had grown so much in one weekend, and is excited to get to the garden and earn more “rock picking” money…that’ll soon turn to “weed picking” methinks.


~ by Shelli on May 10, 2010.

3 Responses to ““Leggy” is Only Good When You’re Talking About a Woman”

  1. I found a wonderful answer to my question about godzilla pole beans at a nice little site called vegetable gardening online – “Green beans sprout and grow very quickly at the right temperature.

    Usually it is best to just wait until the soil warms up in the late spring/early summer, and plant the bean seeds directly in your garden.

    They will sprout and grow quickly, and be ready for harvest in 50-60 days.

    Green bean plants do not transplant very easily. They grow so quickly that it is problematic to start them indoors before planting time, as you will need to transplant them several times before it is time to plant them in the garden.

    You could try planting these seedlings in large containers if you have a sunny place to keep them. You really have nothing (except some potting soil!) to lose. You might get some early green beans!

    As long as you are experimenting, try planting some of them deep and see what happens. I have never tried this, so don’t whether it will work or not.”

    Well good! We’ve done both, so we’ll see…

  2. A nice metaphor for change….for so long you think nothing is happening and then blam! — it takes you by surprise — that single leggy sprout.

  3. I’m going to post this for Kate, who wrote on my Facebook link:

    okay michelle i am going to give you a little advice dont start beans as seedlings for transplants they dony transplant well and will die so plant beans directly into ground after last frost or memorial day and yes they grow fast-happy gardening love the blogs and keep it up…

    Thank you Kate! Learning as I go…

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