A Bit of Mexican-American Gothic

Our newly made gate

Looking at this photo of Mama and Papa in front of our newly constructed garden gate brought to mind the “American Gothic” painting by Grant Wood, which is apparently one of the most parodied images of our time.  I’ll have to get the garden pitchfork out of the shed, and re-pose them – really do a nicer job of it – this was just a quick snap with the iphone. Papa, of course would fit right into the painting, but Mama, is the more multi-cultural version.  Her Mexican heritage is reflected in some of our plants.  Hot peppers and several tomatillo bushes will (hopefully) provide us with some of our favorite flavors this summer.  The “Tomatillo de Milpa” which I chose, apparently grows almost as a weed on the edges of corn crops in Mexican towns.  I tried it a few years ago in our community garden in Charlestown, MA and was blessed with a bounty of tiny, tangy purple green tomatoes that were bursting with flavor, and froze beautifully.  We’ve reached the ever-important marker of Memorial Day Weekend – or, no more danger of frost (right?)!  Since the weather has been practically summer-like, we’ve gone ahead and slowly transplanted our newly hardened off seedlings this week.  I’m crossing my fingers that my delicate little seedlings will survive, without me around to protect them from the wind, and bring them into the house at night.  I truly experience separation anxiety today, after we transplanted the last of them, and I had to close the gate, and walk away, leaving them to fend for themselves. And those are just seedlings that I planted 3 weeks ago.  Thank goodness it’ll be at least another 12 years or so before I send Eeya off into the world.


~ by Shelli on May 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “A Bit of Mexican-American Gothic”

  1. My mom grew up in Southern Cali and my Dad is from North Africa, so those spicy flavors are a staple in my home as well. I once grew some hot peppers on my fire escape here in Boston because when I buy those peppers in the store they had to travel so far to get to me. I have been wanting to try again, but with the baby I keep putting off. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out in your garden!

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