Time flies when you have children (and when you’re having fun)

Papa has finally come to believe that no wild beasts will breach our amazing fence and chicken-wired gate.  This means that he’s now suddenly taking an interest in our garden.  He spent a few hours with us earlier this month building this beautiful support for the pole beans.  They wasted no time in climbing to the tippy top, and now he must return to fortify his structure.  Eeya has kept me away from my computer, now that he’s free on summer vacation.  That has meant no posts recently, though the garden has kept us busy.  We have had a regular supply for a month now of arugula, leaf lettuce, radishes and basil – and just now we should be ready to pick the first beans.  The plants have truly exploded in growth, and there are huge bright yellow blossoms on our zucchini’s and cukes.  The weeds grow about 4x as fast as the plants, and we regularly spend most of our garden time tearing them out.  The House Wren meets us on every visits, firmly planting himself on the farthest corner post of our garden, and entertaining us with his beautiful warbling during our toil.  Something wild visited and tried to dig under our fence, but didn’t get very far.  It was so annoyed that it proceeded to strip the leaves off every marigold around the perimeter of our garden!  Glad we spent all that time digging the trench.


~ by Shelli on July 5, 2010.

One Response to “Time flies when you have children (and when you’re having fun)”

  1. I take it you meant the “weeds” grow 4X as fast as the veggies? Nice article Mich. You perhaps would like to share with everyone that newspapers are great mulchers and really keep the weeds on a low gear.

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