Checking Out Strange Birds

We moved to a new state, and have been curious about the types of birds that would show up at our feeder this year.  I usually put out seeds during the winter, and in Boston, we got downy woodpeckers, cardinals, blue jays and your Imagerun of the mill sparrows.  This year we have a nice view of our back deck from the home school room – so I decided to splurge and put out a heated bird bath.  Eeya, now in his third year of home school, suddenly became interested in my project, and has been actively participating.  I had read that you can provide water to the birds during the winter, and they appreciate it.  Wow, did they!  Our deck has become a regular songbird spa!  I put out thistle seeds in small feeders and an Eastern Bird mix in a larger feeder and have gotten a wide variety of birds that I knew existed in Boston, but had never seen.  The first couple to show up were a tiny pair of red house finches, otherwise known as Mexican finches.


~ by Shelli on January 24, 2014.

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